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    Infection control

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    Redwood TTM Infection Control Image #3Redwood recognise the health risks and associated costs from hospital acquired infections (HAI) and in particular MRSA and have worked alongside key players in the healthcare industry to provide solutions to reduce this risk.

    Our coated fabrics not only form a barrier to infection but can be treated with antibacterial chemicals which will kill off many of today’s superbugs. They are breathable and waterproof thus preventing fluid ingress and contamination.

    However the real benefit is provided by using the appropriate manufacturing method for the end use environment. A stitched product for example will have the holes in the seam which can harbour infection.

    Our HF welded seams are completely fluid proof giving the ultimate in infection control both improving patient safety and prolonging the life of the item concerned. All our fabrics and products can be easily cleaned and will withstand the rigours of hospital cleaning – with our Xtreme range providing the ultimate in infection control for the most acute environments.

    Examples of products where our textiles can be used include Pillows, Dynamic & Static Mattresses and Quilts.

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