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    Specialist Manufacturing

    A range of specialist manufacturing processes

    With a range of specialist manufacturing processes available we can use traditional methods, the latest technology or a combination of both to give you the products you need in one place.

    The markets we are involved with cover a range of applications that include; giving solutions for pressure relief, patient moving & handling, emergency care, retail bedding and consumer & domestic uses. This list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch with us here at Redwood to see how we can help you to meet your requirements.

    Redwood provide a range of capabilities and services to our customers as illustrated below:

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    • Design & Development

      Redwood TTM Design, Development & Quality Compliance Image

      We offer a collaborative design and development process working closely with our customers and / or end users to deliver...

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    • Fabric Sourcing

      Redwood TTM Fabric Sourcing Image

      With over 20 years experience Redwood have the expertise to ensure the fabric used is the best fit for the...

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    • Cutting

      Redwood TTM Specialist Cutting Image

      We can offer both manual and automated cutting giving our customers greater flexibility and choice....

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    • Quilting

      We offer a wide range of quilted material patterns or customers can select their own pattern. We also offer quilted...

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    • Screen Printing

      Specialist Manufacturing Screen Printing Image

      Redwood have in house printing facilities that offer flexibility and the ability to brand products or communicate key messages....

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    • Sewing

      Redwood TTM Sewing Image

      Redwood have the expertise to ensure the right yarn is combined with the right sewing technique to ensure the stitch...

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    • Upholstery

      Manually upholstered seating and padding applications are available. We also offer HF welded seating applications where required for end use....

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    • Welding

      Redwood TTM Welding Techniques Image

      Redwood offer a range of welding techniques to ensure that we are able to deliver a product that is fit...

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