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    Specialist Manufacturing


    Redwood TTM Welding Techniques and Applications ImageRedwood offer a range of welding techniques to ensure that we are able to deliver a product that is fit for purpose for the end use environment.

    High Frequency Welding

    This is the process of fusing materials together by applying high frequency (radio frequency) energy to the area to be joined with the resulting weld able to be as strong as the original materials. This high frequency field causes the molecules in certain material to move and get hot, and the combination of this heat under pressure causes the weld to take the shape of the die.

    Redwood are an established expert in HF welding offering a large selection of High Frequency machines & capabilities including:

    • Tooling design and development
    • Product development
    • Prototype & Sampling
    • Able to offer various scale of production options

    Ultra Sonic Welding

    Ultrasonic welding uses ultrasonic energy at high frequencies to produce low amplitude mechanical vibrations. The vibrations create heat through friction on the joining surfaces of the thermoplastic materials. The material will melt and under pressure, during the cooling cycle, a bond is created.

    Heat Welding

    This is a welding process used to join two different pieces of a thermoplastic. This process involves heating both pieces simultaneously and pressing them together. The two pieces then cool together to form a permanent bond.

    Redwood have developed a method that regulates the temperature to maximise the efficiency of the bonding process.

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