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    Technical Fabric

    Transfer Coated Textiles

    Here at Redwood we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of Transfer Coated Fabrics which have been specifically developed for medical and healthcare applications.

    By combining our knowledge of fabrics with different coating techniques, substrates and application methods; we have developed a comprehensive range of formulations and materials which can be used to produce a wide range of medical products.

    We pride ourselves on working with end users, industry associations and other suppliers which combined with our expertise means we are able to deliver a product that is fit for purpose whatever the application and nature of the environment where it is used.

    The video below demonstrates the areas that Redwood has to take into consideration for delivering the right product for a particular market or application.

    There are many considerations to take into account when developing a product or formulation – each important to a different degree depending on the application. An example of this would be our Xtreme Fabric Coating which was developed with the needs of the acute medical sector in mind. The focus was primarily driven by Infection Control with the increasing incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) resulting in the use of stronger concentrations of cleaning chemicals.

    Xtreme coatings are based on the latest poly-carbonate technology which delivers a higher level of chemical resistance than any other product on the market, whilst retaining and improving on all the other important characteristics required such as durability.

    Redwood have an extensive understanding of the composition of technical textiles, and the techniques required in the production and combination of the layers involved. Accordingly we are able to develop a product that specifically meets your requirements for your application whilst being able to prioritise any features that are needed.

    The video below illustrates some of the factors we consider while developing a new technical textile.

    Redwood have a number of brands and quality grades that have been developed with a particular application and environment in mind. Please give us a call on 01695 553830 or email with your specific needs and we will match one of our products to your requirements.

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