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A market leader in Technical Textiles

Redwood was established in 1993 and has fast become a market leader in technical textiles. With experience spanning two decades, the company has become a recognised force within the medical, retail and technical sectors. This success was cemented through continued organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Redwood is traditionally a technical textile converter with a specialist understanding of flame retardant fabric treatments. These high quality treated fabrics are used in a variety of sectors, including medical, retail, bedding and contract textiles. The range includes Transfer Coated fabrics, FR fabrics, High Slip / Anti Slip coatings, and durable TPU films.

This offering is complemented by our range of specialist coatings for medical applications. They are used within the pressure relief, incontinence and patient moving & handling sectors.

Over the last decade Redwood has also created a division of the business that manufactures both components and finished product. Through strategic acquisitions, Redwood has the sophisticated technology for the manufacture of specialist fabrics and products to meet a wide range of market applications. This in combination with the traditional methods and processes available makes Redwood an all-round supplier to meet the needs of many markets and applications.

More recently Redwood has developed bespoke specialised products for specific customers within the retail bedding market.

Redwood has strong partnerships with leading manufacturers across the globe. This allows us to ensure the best type of fabric for a specific application, whilst ensuring both cost effectiveness and the required quality are delivered. We can also design products tailor made to your exact specifications, to match any application you require.

Please contact us to discuss OEM manufacturing options and capabilities on 01695 553830 or email info@redwood-ttm.com

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