Your products made to your specification

We are ready to make your contract mattress to your specification.  Our in-house design team will work with you to bring your idea to reality or closely follow an already existing specification. 

Quilted Panel Top and borders

We support the industry with quilted tops and borders for contract mattresses using our extensive range of in-house mattress machinery. We have the latest machinery capable of producing the best quality contract mattresses for use within the hospitality and hotel industry. 



From cutting-edge cutting technology to time-honoured manual methods, you can count on us to choose the most appropriate method to deliver high levels of accuracy and consistency.

Automated cutting machines cut to incredibly tight tolerances producing consistent accuracy time and time again. These machines are capable of cutting complex shapes, which cannot be cut by hand, to create unique and original bespoke products.

On other work, generations of manual cutting knowledge can often out-perform even the smartest technology, with the old ways proving they still have a place in modern manufacturing.



After cutting, sewing is the next step of your order. Redwood has over 80 sewing machines at your disposal, from standard flat stitch and overlock machines to large conveyor fed edge binding machines. This gives us the capability and flexibility to create exactly what you require, including tape edging, piping and much more.



As a finishing flourish, bespoke embroidery really sets your bedding apart. Redwood has invested in two state of the art embroidery machines to recreate your designs in high quality stitching, adding a unique personal touch, some quality corporate branding or just a sense of style and sophistication.



When it comes to quilting, Redwood has everything you need for either high speed bulk quilting or bespoke panel quilting. Our continuous quilt machine is capable of quilting continuous patterns at high speed, as well as cutting panels to size and cutting quilted material into border widths to add continuity to your mattress design.

If you have more demanding designs, the ClevOne roll fed panel quilter is state-of-the-art, completely programmable and can quilt a range of different designs and styles to suit you. This works together with the ClevPanel overlocking panel cutter, allowing us to quilt and cut panels in tandem with high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


Mattress Border Production

To complete our one stop shop, Redwood has a dedicated department for the production of mattress borders, utilising a linear border quilt machine, a Verso program border quilt machine and a Sigma Jump and Track simulated side stitch machine.

This team works in tandem with the mattress assembly department to ensure that the production of your completed covers is done as efficiently as possible. You can also arrange for matching mattress handle production on site, with embroidered options available to add value.


The answer is yes… what’s the question? At Redwood, we love a challenge. We take great pride in delivering exactly what customers like you are looking for, and we aim to exceed your expectations at every turn. This is quality without compromise, making your plans possible, so why settle for less?

Contract Bedding