Verituss vs Own Label Medical Mattresses

As a medical products buyer, the choice can often be confusing, with a wide range of own label and branded products available to choose from. Each type has its benefits and its drawbacks, and it can be hard to know which is best for your budget, your clinical needs and your practical considerations.

A good example of this dilemma is the choice between own label medical mattresses and the Verituss medical mattress range from specialist medical mattress manufacturer, Redwood. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of buying an own label medical mattress from a medical supplier versus the pros and cons of buying the Verituss range direct from Redwood.

Own label medical mattresses

With an own label medical mattress, you can specify exactly what you want from your mattress supplier, and have the product branded to your own clinic, hospital or medical organisation. Own label mattresses are perceived to be better value, which can be important in some contexts, although the price difference may not actually be a significant factor in your decision.

Own label mattresses are only manufactured by third parties. It is your responsibility, as the  branding organisation, to arrange the UKCA marking and technical file, including testing and post market surveillance. This can work out very expensive and time consuming to organise. You may also find that there are larger minimum order quantities, especially for your own branded products, and this can increase the lead time between order and delivery. This creates logistical issues and may require significant forward planning if you are to avoid shortages. It also makes your supply chain less flexible and slower to respond.

However, should you wish to purchase your own label medical mattress, Redwood is here to help and guide you in the right way.

Verituss medical mattresses

The other option is to order from the Verituss range from specialist mattress manufacturers Redwood. This does not provide the full flexibility of own label specification, however the Verituss range does offer a comprehensive choice, covering everything from low risk medical mattresses, such as the VMS100 range, to high and very high risk options such as the VMS300 range.

The Verituss range has been created by experts in the field, and it is backed by 40years experience from one of the UK’s leading specialist mattress manufacturers. More importantly, Verituss mattresses come UKCA marked. Verituss medical mattresses can be perceived as being more expensive than own brand products, however when all aspects are taken into account they are, in fact, more cost effective in the long run.

These mattresses are not branded to your clinic or hospital, however they do carry the Verituss branding. This provides credibility and reassurance to the medical professionals on your team that the product has been made by a specialist mattress manufacturer. Since your medical mattresses are not being made to order, there will be smaller minimum order quantities and shorter lead times, providing a swift and dependable source and a more reliable supply chain.

Dealing direct with a specialist mattress manufacturer

In addition to the reassurance of the Verituss brand, there are also a number of other advantages to dealing directly with a specialist mattress manufacturer such as Redwood. These include ease of ordering, with no middle-man or distribution company to deal with, and first-class customer service from a long established and well respected company. Buying directly from a specialist mattress manufacturer also means you have access to expert advice from an industry leading team who will help you to fine tune your order to ensure it meets your requirements precisely. 

To find out more about the benefits of ordering directly from a specialist mattress manufacturer, and for full details of the high quality, high performance Verituss range, contact Redwood today by calling 01695 553 830, emailing or completing the contact form on our website.