Design and Development

At Redwood High Performance Textiles, we pride ourselves on producing an excellent standard of technical fabrics, coverings and products, which we believe are due to the various speciality manufacturing processes that we have developed over the years. In addition to this, we have our own internal Design & Development department which provides a service to our customers who may not have a textile manufacturing background or simply want some advice on their project.

We aim to give our new and existing customers the help they may need to develop a new product or concept that they have. This is supported with our team of in-house design and production.

We offer a collaborative design & development process working closely with our customers from the engineers who are experts in product design and CAD (Computer Aided Design) original concept through fabric development, product specifications and prototyping to delivering a finished product. You can also benefit from our expertise with both High Frequency tooling design & manufacture; and Graphic Design for the silk screen process.

Our engineers are there to advise and help you; ask questions about your products that you may not have thought about or simply overlooked. We are here to help at every hurdle of your products’ development and believe that it is mutually beneficial for you to get the very best help that you can in order to create an outstanding product that will help others in their every-day lives.

Redwood High Performance Textiles believes in creating a positive relationship between ourselves and our customers’ research and development, increasing overall productivity and sales.