How Mattresses Are Made

Here at Redwood, we don’t just offer standard manufacture of mattresses; we make your mattresses to your exact specifications, to deliver the optimum performance for your company, your customers or your patients. From the foam to the fabric, from the seams to the personalised printing, when you work with Redwood on the manufacture of mattresses, you can choose exactly what you want at every single stage in the process, enjoying quality without compromise.

Expert advice

Redwood can deliver the manufacture of mattresses to the most precise specifications, but you don’t have to have that level of detail to benefit from our experience and expertise. Redwood’s talented design and development team can work with you to create a bespoke mattress design wherever you are in the process. They’ll help you to understand the unique demands placed on your mattresses by your healthcare setting and offer expert advice on the best materials and manufacturing processes to meet these demands. Technically, practically, and cost-effectively, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Key components

Redwood has the capacity and the capability to offer you an unrivalled choice of materials, to help you meet the needs of a wide variety of patients. For medical mattresses, you can choose from a range of specialist foams, including pressure relief materials, which can be cut and combined in our bespoke foam conversion plant in Skelmersdale. This allows you to specify the precise performance of your mattress core for pressure care patients.

When it comes to fabrics, Redwood offers even more choices, including state of the art Xtreme anti-microbial fabrics and market leading PROBAN® flame retardant fabrics. These cutting-edge, high-performance fabrics have helped customers around the world to meet even the most demanding local clinical and safety standards, and to complete formal compliance.

Manufacture of mattresses

Once you’ve selected your materials to support and protect your patients, the Redwood team will propose the most appropriate process for the manufacture of mattresses to meet your needs. Although Redwood offers the very latest seam sewing equipment, for medical purposes it’s normally more effective and hygienic to use welded seams.

Welded seams are not only far stronger, to resist the rigours of repeated use, but are also watertight, ensuring that no moisture or bodily fluids can enter the mattress core. This significantly reduces infection risks, as well as prolonging the life of the mattress. Watertight high frequency or ultrasonically welded seams also allow mattresses to be wiped down and disinfected quickly and easily, further enhancing patient protection.

Personalised products

To complete the bespoke manufacture of mattresses to your precise specification, Redwood offers an in-house printing and finishing service that allows you to further personalise your products. Mattress printing gives you the opportunity to detail best practices in mattress use, care and cleaning right there on the product. It also gives you the opportunity to brand your mattress products with pride, as part of your company or clinic branding.

Your single source supplier

When it comes to the manufacture of mattresses, there is simply no better choice than Redwood. Whatever your clinical, compliance or comfort requirements, we offer a single source solution. And because everything is designed, supplied and manufactured in-house to your exact specifications, you can be sure of the very highest standards at every stage.

That’s why Redwood is trusted by thousands of medical suppliers, hospitals and clinics around the world, and why Redwood is the best, and the only, choice for you. To find out more about the manufacture of mattresses to your specific requirements, choosing from the widest range of fabrics and foams, materials and manufacturing techniques, talk to our expert team today.