Making The Beds For The Very Best

Wherever you stay in a hotel or on holiday, however good the weather, the food or the local attractions, the most important element of any stay away is your bed. We all know that moment – when you finally get the door to your room unlocked (those card keys never work the first time do they?), you put down your cases, and the first thing you do is sit or lie back on the bed to see what the night ahead has in store.

It’s never easy to sleep in a strange bed that isn’t your own, so it’s important that your hotel, holiday or cruise ship bed is as comfortable as it can be. And when it comes to the five-star finery of the best hotels and the most luxurious liners, that expectation climbs even higher. Get it right and your guests’ mattresses can be the making of their stay. Get it wrong and you’ll quickly gain complaints and lose customers.

That’s why more and more of the UK’s leading hospitality and hotel companies are turning to Redwood for their contract bedding.

Why choose Redwood for contract bedding?

With over 20 years experience working for the very best in the business, Redwood are unrivalled in the contract bedding industry. We produce some of the best bedding around, creating contract mattresses and components to your exact specifications.

From budget to bespoke, from original concepts to unique quilting finishes, Redwood knows what you need and delivers stylish solutions at every stage.

More than just a mattress

At Redwood, we know that the difference is in the detail, even if the vast majority of your guests will never see beneath their sheets. The quality of our quilted panel tops, careful cutting, superior stitching and elegant edging and embroidery may never see the light of day, but your guests will instinctively know that they’re there.

Together, Redwood’s attention to detail combines to create a sleeping experience that is second to none. This unparalleled comfort and luxury leave your guests feeling rested and pampered. It reflects on your reputation, and it creates regular, loyal customers who trust you to provide a night, a holiday or a voyage that is worth every penny they pay.

Quality even in quantity

Redwood have invested in impressive facilities in our Skelmersdale manufacturing base, combining cutting edge technology with timeless traditional skills. This not only allows us to create contract bedding of the very highest quality, but also means we can maintain that quality across even the largest volume orders.

So, whether you are the smallest of boutique hotels, or a vast Caribbean cruise ship, a budget regional hotel chain or one of London’s landmark luxury venues, you can count on Redwood contract bedding to deliver the superior standards your guests expect.

Get more from your mattress manufacturer

Redwood understands that every contract bedding client is unique, just like your guests. That’s why we work harder to deliver a personalised service that gives you more at every stage. We’ll give you more help and support, with on-site teams that will work with you to create contract bedding to your exact specifications and budget. We’ll give you more choice of standard components and bespoke features. And we’ll give you more of the skills and manufacturing capacity that you need, to ensure that your order is delivered on time, on budget and beyond your expectations.

That first impression, when your guests test their bed, is a lasting one, so make sure they’re impressed. Talk to the team at Redwood about your contract bedding requirements today. We already manufacture for some of the biggest hospitality brands in the world, and we could do the same for you.

With Redwood contract bedding, your guests will sleep easier, and so will you.