Xtreme Fabrics – Quality Without Compromise

Naturally, infection control is always the first priority in clinical settings. However, in the past, this has often come at the expense of other considerations, such as patient comfort, economic and environmental elements. Healthcare providers had no choice but to sacrifice these secondary benefits in order to achieve a safe, clean clinical environment.

Today, thanks to Xtreme fabric coatings from Redwood, you can now have the very best of both worlds, protecting patients, budgets and the environment with one dependable, durable product. Xtreme fabrics offer quality without compromise to deliver the ultimate clinical mattresses to meet all the demands of the modern medical setting.

Cleanliness without compromise

Xtreme fabrics have been designed to provide high levels of infection control. The coating creates an impenetrable barrier to bacteria and viruses, with seams that can be welded for further protection. In addition, Xtreme fabrics have been designed to withstand repeated washing with high chlorine concentrations, up to 10,000ppm, without degradation, allowing thorough decontamination time and time again.

This not only meets and exceeds a range of established clinical standards and protocols, but also allows for the increased levels of cleaning and chlorine concentrations that are used in practice at many establishments. It is this real-world performance that sets Xtreme fabrics apart.

Comfort without compromise

Unlike the stiff fabric coatings of the past, Xtreme fabrics deliver their high levels of infection control without compromising patient comfort. Xtreme fabrics are multi-stretch, moulding around the contours of the patient for complete comfort, and breathable, keeping patients cool and fresh.

This enhanced comfort offers more than just a luxury feel; it’s also essential in the reduction of pressure sores and ulcers. The anti-decubitus properties of Xtreme fabrics play a significant role in protecting skin integrity at key pressure points for bed-bound patients.

Performance without compromise

Redwood works directly with frontline medical professionals to understand the demands on our products, so that we can create solutions that deliver the performance they need at every step. Xtreme fabrics mean you no longer have to choose between performance benefits, or compromise one element to get the performance you need elsewhere.

From BS7175 Crib 5 and Crib 7 flame retardance to waterproofing, from abrasion resistance to biocompatibility, Xtreme fabrics tick every box on your wish list in even the most extreme and demanding clinical settings.

Consideration without compromise

Perhaps most impressive of all, Xtreme fabrics achieve all of this without compromising on environmental considerations. We’re proud that our Xtreme products all comply with a wide range of environmental standards and legislation, including Oeko-Tex Class 1, Reach and ROHS. They are biocidal products regulation compliant and are DecaBDE and Halogen free.

Value without compromise

You might expect all this to come at a cost, but Xtreme fabrics not only deliver uncompromising performance, but also great value too. Compared to other technical fabrics, the extended durability of Xtreme fabrics makes them excellent value for money in the long run. Xtreme fabrics can be repeatedly cleaned without degradation, meaning fewer and less regular replacements and significant savings, without ever compromising on safety or comfort.

Why compromise?

In a sector that is constantly struggling with shrinking budgets and expanding demands, compromise has become a way of life for many product buyers and clinic managers. But for once, thanks to Xtreme fabrics from Redwood, you can specify the highest standards across all elements, without compromising in any way.

To read more about the full spectrum of benefits that come with Xtreme fabrics, visit the Xtreme pages of our website, complete our contact form or call our technical team today on 01695 553 830.