Managing Your Contract Bedding Supply And Demand

Whether you work in hospitals or hospitality, healthcare or hotels, chances are your budgets are tighter than they’ve ever been. Increased energy costs, staff wage rises and the effect of inflation on everything from catering to patient care, have pushed already strained budgets to their limit.

This not only means that you need to get the best possible price on your contract bedding, but it also means you have to keep your stock levels under precise control.

Juggling stock levels and budgets

The problem is that if you hold too much contract bedding stock, you’ll be wasting money, as products sit there for weeks or even months waiting to be used. On the other hand, if you hold too little contract bedding stock, you run the risk of running out, which in turn risks compromising the service you provide for your customers or the care you give your patients.

Managing stock levels in a steady business is hard enough, but if demand fluctuates across the year it can become even more complicated. Predicting the rise and fall is an art, and if you get it wrong, over-stocking or product scarcity are almost inevitable.

Storage costs

Even if you put in the hours and work out your optimum stock levels at all times, that’s only part of the problem. Managing stock on site is a costly business. It takes up valuable space on your premises, and it needs costly heating, lighting and security. What’s more, you’ll also have to employ a warehouse manager to look after the stock, ensuring that it’s only accessed by authorised personnel and only used for approved purposes.

And it’s not just the cost of storing contract bedding; it’s also the physical space required. In many cases, such as city centre hotels and clinics, space is at a premium. The rooms you use for storage can often be used far more practically, and more profitably, for other purposes.

Let Redwood take care of it

Here at Redwood, we understand the challenges of managing your supply chain and stock control efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s why we offer a complete supply chain management service to take care of everything for you.

From holding raw materials for rapid increases in production, to storing finished contract bedding ready for Just-In-Time delivery, worldwide, we can work with you to keep your site stocked, without the need to keep stock on site.

Stock held in the heart of the UK

Our dedicated warehouse in Skelmersdale has the capacity to safely store all the stock you might need, ready for prompt delivery. We’re just minutes from the M6, providing rapid road access across the country for our dedicated delivery fleet. We can even offer next day delivery if required.

We’re also within easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool airports, as well as the Port of Liverpool, allowing us to offer the highest level of service and rapid response to customers across Europe and around the world.

We can work it out

Our expert sales and logistics team will work in close collaboration with you to establish exactly what you need, and when you’re likely to need it. We’ve got decades of experience in contract bedding, so we understand the demands of the industry and what it takes to meet those demands.

Once we’ve agreed a plan, you can relax, knowing that the contract bedding you need will always be there, ready for rapid dispatch, without any of the costs or complications of holding stock on site.

Leave the logistical headaches behind and move forward with confidence. Find out more about Redwood’s industry-leading supply chain management service today by contacting our friendly team on 01695 553830 or emailing

Because when it comes to contract bedding, you can count on Redwood to deliver.