Verituss – More Than Just Medical Foam Mattresses

We’ve talked a lot recently about Redwood’s ability to supply white label medical foam mattresses that companies can brand themselves. In many medical scenarios, you could well be surrounded by Redwood products and simply never know it, since we manufacture for many of the familiar medical equipment brands

However, we are just as proud of our own, branded medical foam mattresses, which we supply under the Verituss name. This is an exceptional selection of medical foam mattresses and contract mattresses designed to suit a wide range of applications. From pressure relief in care homes to cost-effective student accommodation and even the specialist demands of custodial settings, the Redwood Verituss range has the perfect product for your setting, your staff and your end users.

Three levels of pressure care

For medical settings, such as wards and clinics, nursing homes and care at home, the Verituss range is designed to offer three levels of pressure redistribution: low in the VMS100 range, medium in the VMS200 range, and high in the VMS300 range. This allows clinicians to choose the most effective mattress for their patient’s needs, ensuring maximum comfort and protection.

Within each of these ranges, there are as many as six different options to ensure you get exactly the medical foam mattress you need to meet your exact specifications. For example, the VMS100 range offers affordable, entry level care for low-risk patients, with options for underlay mattresses, two- and four-way turn, low profiles, castellated surface layers and much more.

Step up to the VMS200 range and you’ll get options, all with anti-microbial coatings, sloping heels for enhanced comfort and memory foam options for greater pressure relief. Top of the medical range, the VMS 300 series offers high levels of pressure redistribution, combined with Xtreme anti-microbial fabrics and U-core construction with castellated foam, memory foam or gel-simulated foam options available.

Three levels of contract care

In addition to our medical foam mattress range, Verituss also delivers dependable solutions for our contract customers, meeting a range of unique and unusual needs that are specific to their sector.

With its enhanced core, the VMS400 range is designed to meet the demands of the most stringent fire tests and is certified to BS7177 (Fire test to mattresses, divans and bed bases). This makes it ideal for high-risk environments, such as prisons, mental institutions and detention centres. The VMS 500 range takes this protection to the next level, with vandal proof coverings and built-in pillows, creating the ultimate custodial mattress.

The Verituss range can even offer comfort, value and versatility to less-demanding settings, such as student halls and sheltered accommodation, where fabric covered mattresses would quickly become worn and unhygienic. The VMS600 is available in two depths, each with fire retardant, water-resistant covers that are both anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Find the Verituss medical foam mattress for you

With such a wide range of mattresses available within the Verituss range, the choice can almost be overwhelming. But don’t worry, because Redwood has an expert team on hand to help you find the perfect medical foam mattress for you. We have helped countless customers and have developed an in-depth understanding of the different demands placed on each sector.

We can help you meet the exact specifications of your local health authority requirements, finding mattresses that can withstand your hygiene regime, and support your clinicians in preventing patients pressure injury, while also staying within even the tightest of budgets.

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your challenges, talk to our team today about the Verituss medical foam mattress range and make a choice that you, and your patients, will be very comfortable with.