Digital Printing For Pressure Relieving Mattresses

Redwood has built an enviable reputation as a white label manufacturer for some of Britain’s biggest and best known suppliers of pressure relieving mattresses. We can produce exactly what our clients require, from concept to completion, covering every stage in-house at our state of the art Skelmersdale factory complex, to ensure consistent quality control, total accountability and complete confidentiality.

We’ve always been able to produce unbranded products for our customers to add their own branding to, and sell as their own. And now, thanks to our latest investment, we can even add that branding for our customers too, so we can deliver fully finished pressure relieving mattresses ready to go to market without any additional work required.

State of the art digital printing

Redwood have always been able to offer traditional screen printing on a range of items, but our brand new £¼million digital printer takes this to a whole new level. This mighty machine can be used with a huge range of fabrics, including specialist technical fabrics like flame retardant fabrics, high-slip and anti-slip textiles, as well as anti-microbial fabrics such as the Xtreme range.

This huge, cutting-edge digital printer has the capacity to take on large scale fabrics, comfortably catering for almost all manufacturing demands. This gives Redwood complete flexibility on what we can print for our customers and where we can print it. We can turn our white label products into your own label products, with everything done on site to your exact specifications.

A blank canvas

Having access to state of the art digital printing for your pressure relieving mattresses can ensure that your brand is clear, consistent and front and centre on the product. This helps to build brand loyalty and product trust, which in turn will have a positive effect on repeat orders and ongoing supply contracts. The more your name is seen, and deployed in active medical scenarios, the more it will become recognised as a sign of quality and dependability.

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits.

Digital printing on pressure relieving mattresses can provide more than just a company logo. It can also provide detailed usage, storage and cleaning instructions, to ensure your mattresses are handled correctly for optimum performance and maximum longevity. Digital mattress printing can even provide space for staff to write on, creating a log of their mattress care and a record of use and remaining lifespan.

This kind of information can enhance staff performance and improve patient care and safety, covering everything from day-to-day use to long term mattress management.

Your product, your way

Digital printing on pressure relieving mattresses and other products is just one of the many ways that Redwood can manufacture your products to your exact specifications. If you know what you need, we have the expertise to create precisely the product you require down to the smallest detail.

Alternatively, if you are starting from scratch, we can help to create those specifications for you, to match any market or a medical need. Our expert design team has vast experience and will work with you to create the perfect product to suit any situation, market or budget, with a detailed production and delivery plan to match.

Redwood is constantly investing in new equipment, new skills and new production processes to keep our company at the forefront of technical textiles, pressure relieving mattresses and more. That’s why so many of the major medical equipment suppliers count on Redwood as a dependable, flexible manufacturer that they know will meet their needs.

To find out more about Redwood digital fabric printing, or any of our other high quality, low cost manufacturing services, get in touch with our team today.

With Redwood, the answer is yes, now what’s the question?