The Unsung Hero In The Manufacture Of Mattresses

Walk into any A&E department, stay in any hospital ward, or visit any nursing home in the UK, and chances are you’ll see medical mattresses manufactured by Redwood. What you probably won’t see, however, is the Redwood brand.

Redwood specialise in the manufacture of mattresses for most of the leading medical suppliers. As a white label specialist, our products enter service under a wide range of familiar brands sold by some of the most well-known companies. But whatever name you might see on the mattress, it’s highly likely that it started life in Redwood’s state of the art factory in Skelmersdale.

Why do so many companies trust Redwood?

Redwood are the first choice for the manufacture of mattresses for leading names because we offer a complete, and discreet, service from design and sourcing to printing and delivery. At Redwood, we know that there’s no one size that fits all when it comes to the manufacture of mattresses. That’s why every product is designed individually, in collaboration with your team, to meet your end user demands, your regulatory standards and your price point.

How can we manufacture for rival brands?

Although Redwood is involved in the manufacture of mattresses for many competing brands, they all trust us with their products because they know we’ll never let them down. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we will never discuss your order with any other client, or discuss their orders with you. Our factory has a closed-door policy, so even if rival products are being made side by side, neither company will ever know.

A complete, cost effective service

At Redwood, we can offer a full range of services in-house, from material sourcing to state of the art digital printing. This means that we can maintain the highest standards of quality control right across every stage of the manufacture of mattresses, giving you complete peace of mind. With Redwood, there’s no need to search for a company that does laser cutting of fabric, a company that does HF seam welding and a company that can laser print fabrics. You can place one order with Redwood that covers the whole process, from start to finish.

It’s always your product

Although Redwood can take care of every stage of the manufacture of mattresses, you can rest assured the end product remains yours. The design is your intellectual property, the look reflects your branding, and you can even opt to be the owner of the technical file. That means that even if we start from scratch, building on your outline concepts, and look after everything right through to final delivery, your own clients will never know the true source of the products you’re supplying them.

Choose your own brand or ours

Alternatively, with Redwood you can opt to offer your customers our own brand instead of yours. The Verituss range of medical mattresses has a strong reputation across the medical sector, giving your customers complete peace of mind. In addition, because Redwood hold the technical file on the Verituss range, it makes it so much simpler to find a medical mattress supplier.

The famous name that nobody knows

At Redwood, we know that most ordinary people have never heard of us, and we’re ok with that. Millions of patients lay on our medical mattresses every year, and thousands of hospitals and clinics are stocked with our products, without the name Redwood ever being mentioned, and that doesn’t bother us in the least.

What really matters to us is that our name is known, and hugely respected, where it counts – by almost all of the leading medical mattress suppliers in the UK, and by many more across Europe and around the world.

So if you want your products, your way, with the complete support of one of the best in the business, get in touch with Redwood today – the mattress manufacturer behind some of the biggest names.