Quality Compliance In Health Care Technologies

All health care providers have a moral duty to provide safe, hygienic and compassionate care for their patients. It’s the very least you should be able to expect when you put yourself into the care of others.

To ensure that this happens, most health care services, regardless of where they are based in the world, have a set of standards with which all providers must comply. These standards vary from country to country, but in all cases compliance is mandatory, with significant sanctions for those services that fail to meet the required level.

Here at Redwood, we understand the demands of health care compliance, and we work hard to help our customers to meet and exceed these expectations across our complete product range. From medical mattresses to manual handling equipment, our health care technologies are second to none, and are guaranteed to deliver the highest level of safety for patients, and clinical effectiveness for health care providers.

The importance of health care compliance

Health care compliance is an important weapon in the battle against health care associated infections (HCAI). The BMJ reported that in 2016-17 alone, 834,000 HCAIs cost the NHS an extra £2.7bn in care costs and claimed the lives of 28,500 patients. HCAIs took up 7.1m hospital bed days, stretching under-pressure services even thinner. No less than 21% of all hospital bed stays in England that year were due to HCAIs.

In addition to the extra care costs, HCAIs can also lead to litigation and clinical negligence claims. According to the Government, clinical negligence claims cost the NHS £2.2bn in 2020-21 and these costs are rising. What’s more, infections aren’t the only problem. Settling over 2,000 claims for manual handling injuries cost the NHS £57m between 2009 and 2019. Claims like these may well be covered by insurance, but the cost of this insurance rises with every successful claim.

The price of non-compliance goes even further for private health care providers and clinics. Repeated breaches of the set standards can result in costly fines and even the withdrawal of their licence.

Complete collaboration on compliance

Here at Redwood, our expert teams specialise in understanding compliance across diverse markets, across the world. We’ll work with you to ensure that your health care technologies deliver to the most demanding specifications, protecting your patients, your budgets and your business.

Whether you need us to design your health care technologies and medical fabrics from scratch, or you bring your own designs and specifications to the table, Redwood are here to help. Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001 and monitors everything from raw materials and suppliers to design, production and deployment.

What’s more, we can provide all the proof you need to secure certification and compliance. We have our own extensive in-house testing laboratories to put our products through their paces, as well as partnerships with a number of UCAS approved labs around the country. This ensures that we back our compliance claims with solid evidence, including independent assessment.

Meeting the challenges of health care compliance

Health care compliance, across a wide range of health care technologies and patient care scenarios, is a massive challenge for the whole sector. With Redwood on your team, you can rest assured that you’ve done all that you can to meet the statutory standards set by both local and sector-specific governing bodies.

Redwood has unrivalled experience in medical textiles, health care product design and manufacturing. Our multi-disciplinary team are all experts in their field and work together, in collaboration with our clients, to produce products of the highest quality, without compromise. By helping you to achieving complete compliance, we can reduce HCAIs, and cut costs, without ever compromising on patient care.

To find out more about achieving quality compliance in health care technologies with Redwood, get in touch today on 01695 553 830, or complete our contact form online.