Your Health Care Technologies Are On A Roll At Redwood

Modern health care technologies can achieve remarkable things. From infection control to fire prevention, from dynamic support that prevents pressure ulcers, to high-slip and non-slip products for safe manual handling.

Each of these health care technologies requires a different kind of technical fabric, each  with unique properties. Many of them even require fabrics that combine multiple functions and properties into one material. Here at Redwood, we can supply whatever fabric you need, promptly and affordably, thanks to our impressive warehouse facilities.

A vast selection

As part of our state of the art health care technologies manufacturing facility in Skelmersdale, Redwood has a vast warehouse, stocked with hundreds of different fabrics, ready and waiting to be turned into whatever you need. From medical mattresses to support cushions for seats and wheelchairs, from slings to move immobile patients to slide-boards for quick and easy transfers.

Alongside our health care technologies, the Redwood warehouse also holds a range of domestic bedding fabrics, from budget materials to the most luxurious natural and synthetic fabrics for the very finest establishments.

Our huge warehouse is right there, on site, and attached directly to the factory, so fabrics can be sourced straight away, with no delay in delivery. There’s no denying it; Brexit has made imports seriously challenging, and so having stock on site like this is essential if a company like ours is to preserve our hard won reputation for meeting demanding deadlines on time, every time.

£1.5million worth of stock

Walk into the Redwood warehouse and you’ll find hundreds of rolls of fabric, stacked high from floor to ceiling. We carry no less than £1.5million worth of fabric, stretching for thousands upon thousands of meters, to ensure that our top manufacturing team are always ready to respond to any order that comes in.

Naturally, we’re constantly replenishing our stock as we use it to deliver health care technologies to some of the biggest names in the business. This constant and consistent volume of orders makes us a priority customer for many of our suppliers. This in turn gives us preferential bulk discounts that we pass directly on to you, delivering even better value on every order.

The ideal fabric every time

With such a huge range to choose from, you can rest assured that Redwood can meet and exceed even the most stringent of specifications, whatever health care technologies you require. Our expert design team will work with you to establish the exact parameters and performance you need, and then specify the ideal fabric for the job from our huge stock. And it doesn’t end there…

In the unlikely event that our comprehensive fabric stock does not cover precisely what you need, Redwood can order in, as a priority, from leading technical textile manufacturers around the world. This gives you access to the very latest advances in textile technology to truly place your products at the cutting edge.

We have excellent relationships with all the top fabric suppliers, and we know exactly where to go to get what you need for your health care technologies. What’s more, because Redwood is such a respected and regular customer, our buyers can get these fabrics delivered faster, and cheaper, cutting both your timescales and your costs, without ever compromising on the quality of your finished products.

The answer is yes, now what’s the question?

If you want to find a medical textile supplier, find a mattress manufacturer or find a quality bulk bedding supplier, then get in touch with the team at Redwood today. Our vast on site stock will soon get your project on a roll!

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