There’s More To Redwood Than The Manufacture Of Mattresses

We’ve talked before on this blog about how Redwood are the unsung heroes of the UK healthcare sector. Go into any clinic or hospital ward, and chances are you won’t be far from something we’ve had a hand in manufacturing. Of course, you’ll rarely be aware of this, because we don’t often put our name to our products, so that our customers can put their name to them instead.

This ‘white label’ approach means that the major healthcare supply companies don’t have to get involved in the manufacture of mattresses themselves. They can leave that to Redwood, confident that they will get dependable quality at a cost-effective price. It’s a very useful arrangement for both Redwood and our customers, and it also has another advantage too…

Redwood can make whatever you want

Because Redwood doesn’t directly compete with anyone in the mattress manufacturing business, we’re happy to help any customer in any way they want. Some customers want the complete manufacture of mattresses to their exact specifications – right down to laser printing of their brand logos and company details. However, many others are happy to take on all or part of the manufacture of mattresses themselves.

Here at Redwood, we’re happy to help as much or as little as you need us to. We can source and cut technical textiles, including fire retardant fabrics, waterproof fabrics and anti-bacterial fabrics and we can source and cut foam to your exact requirements. From these materials, we can create a range of components, such as mattress handles, HF welded covers and more, that you can use to create your own products.

A wide range of components for a wide range of products

Of course, Redwood’s expertise doesn’t stop at the manufacture of mattresses. We can help with all kinds of other medical products too. For example, if you are a manufacturer of manual handling equipment, Redwood can supply the fabric for your slings, or supply finished slings, ready to fit to your own frames. If you make wheelchairs, we can supply the fabric and the foam to make the seat pads for them, or manufacture the finished pads to your precise specifications, whichever you need.

And it doesn’t stop with health care technologies. Redwood offer the same bespoke service to the retail bedding and contract bedding sectors, providing any of the basic components you need, or supplying white-label finished products. We don’t make own-brand bedding for this sector, so we have nothing to lose by helping you to make yours.

We’ll manage your supply chain too

Not only are Redwood totally flexible in what we supply, we can comprehensively manage how it is supplied to you, to ensure you can always meet the changing demands of your customers. Redwood manage the supply chain for a host of leading medical suppliers in the UK, and across the world, ensuring that everything from foam and fabric, to components and complete products are always available whenever and wherever you need them.

All in complete confidence

Naturally, we do all of this in complete confidence. We’ll never discuss your company with other customers, and we won’t discuss them with you. (You’ll notice we haven’t spent this blog bragging about all the ‘big name clients’ we supply parts and products for).

Often, the components for competing brands can be made side by side on our production lines, and the two companies will never know it. What’s more, we operate a closed-door policy at our factory to make sure it stays that way.

So yes, Redwood are well known for the manufacture of mattresses, but there is so much more to our service than that. To find out how much more, get in touch with our team today on 01695 553 830 or complete our contact form online.