High Frequency Welding & Lasers - Our Cutting Advantage

Here at Redwood, we invest in the very latest equipment, so our customers don’t have to.

This means that you get access to a huge choice of cutting edge technology, for a wide range of products from medical foam mattresses to patient handling equipment, at a fraction of the cost of equipping your own factories to do the same job.

And it’s at the cutting edge is where Redwood really excels. Our precise, computer controlled laser cutting technology and high-tech, high frequency welding and ultrasonic welding machines deliver the very highest quality at the most competitive price.

A cut above the rest

It all starts with precise, high performance fabric cutting, and at Redwood, we can offer a full range of cutting techniques. From the highly skilled manual cutting, which takes years of experience to perfect, to the very latest CNC controlled laser cutting, Redwood can match the cutting to your materials and your finished product perfectly.

As you can see in our video, CNC laser cutting can be performed in either single or multiple layers, and provides precise cutting designed to maximise accuracy and minimise waste. Each programme is individually calculated by our expert operators to get the most out of your material. This means Redwood can help in cutting your costs as well as cutting your material to your exact specifications.

Once cut, Redwood can provide a range of options to attach your materials to create strong bonds that meet your exact specifications, however stringent these may be.

State of the art seams

Redwood are able to offer a wide range of techniques for the construction of your products. From simple machine and manual stitching by our talented seamstresses, to cutting edge high frequency welding and ultrasonic welding, our team can recommend the most efficient, most durable and most cost-effective method to bring your components together.

High frequency welding is a popular option because it provides rapid welding in a clean process, with none of the long drying or curing time required by adhesives. The high frequency welding process is fully flexible too and is ideal for the long seams required in medical mattress manufacturing.

The benefits of high frequency welding

The rapidly alternating electrical currents used in high frequency welding heat the molecules of the technical textiles that need to be joined together. Once these fabrics reach a set temperature, pressure is applied which makes their molecules intermingle and form a weld. The resulting bond can be as strong as the original materials.

Once completed, these high frequency welded seams are both airtight and watertight. This makes them ideal for medical applications to enhance infection control and extend the operational life of mattresses. High frequency welding also makes mattresses easier to clean, with the impermeable seam stopping chemicals from getting into the mattress foam below.

In addition to high frequency welding, Redwood also offers a full range of ultrasonic welding, heat welding and tool welding options to give our customers the widest possible choice. Our expert team will advise you on the best option for your fabric, your product and your budget to ensure you get exactly the right service to suit you.

Redwood gives you the edge

From skilled traditional techniques to state of the art technology, Redwood has everything you need to give you the edge. Whether you are a medical supplier looking for a dependable manufacturer for white label products, or a clinic looking to get the most from their budget without compromising on patient care, Redwood has the capacity and the capability you need.

To find out more, contact our expert team today on 01695 553 830 or email sales@redwood-ttm.com.