Working Worldwide in Medical Mattresses and Contract Bedding

From just four people working out of our Skelmersdale base, Redwood has spread around the world. Today, we import and export to over 80 countries across the globe. This not only brings Redwood medical foam mattresses and contract bedding quality to a vast audience, it also benefits every single one of our customers, whether they are here in the UK or in the far corners of the world.

Worldwide imports

Redwood’s huge buying power means we are able to search the world for the very best fabrics at the very best prices. Our buying team are able to agree deals that our customers simply wouldn’t have access to, and naturally we pass those savings on to you in unbeatable value contracts. What’s more, our large and regular orders from these suppliers mean Redwood gets top priority as a premier customer, so we can get the fabric you need fast, even when stocks are limited.

Redwood also buys top of the range manufacturing equipment from around the world. This ensures that we have all the very latest production technology to make our processes as efficient and as cost-effective as possible. And because Redwood have invested in this equipment, it means that our customers don’t have to.

Worldwide manufacturing

Redwood is incredibly proud of our manufacturing team here in the North West of England. They combine talent and skill, with time-served experience, to create products of the very highest standard, from medical foam mattresses to contract bedding. But even the best team has its limits.

To ensure that Redwood always has the capacity to respond rapidly to any order, we also have close partnerships with overseas manufacturers. These factories, in Hungary, Romania and China, mean that no job is too big, and no deadline is too tight for Redwood to complete. These long-standing, trusted partnerships also ensure that overseas products are manufactured to the same exacting standards as they are in the UK.

Worldwide exports

When it comes to dispatching our medical foam mattresses and contract bedding, Redwood couldn’t be better placed. Whether we’re delivering around the corner, or around the world, we have the connections to make it happen, quickly and easily.

For UK deliveries, our location, right at the heart of the motorway network, means we can reach almost anywhere in Britain the same day. And we’re just as perfectly placed when it comes to overseas orders. The Redwood factory lies within easy reach of the Port of Liverpool, offering shipping options across the globe. We are also just 30 miles from the international cargo flights of Manchester Airport.

Economies of scale

Redwood’s global operations are not just something nice to write about in a blog; they make a real difference for our customers, wherever they are located in the world. While some companies have to cut corners and compromise on standards to meet your budget constraints, Redwood has the capacity and capability to deliver quality without compromise.

What’s more, because we handle all but the largest of jobs in house, in the UK, we’re able to maintain our standards at the very highest level. From the sourcing of fabrics to delivering finished medical foam mattresses and contract bedding, you can count on Redwood every step of the way.

Never too big

However large the worldwide Redwood operation becomes, we never lose sight of the founding principles that have helped us to grow around the globe. Whatever the size of your order, however complex the product, every customer still receives the same high level of quality control, accountability, prompt production and complete confidentiality that Redwood has always taken such pride in.

At the end of the day, Redwood don’t just offer our customers more because we’ve gone global – we’ve gone global because we offer our customers more.