The Trusted Experts in Medical Fabrics

Here at Redwood, we may be proud of our innovative, industry leading range, but we never rest on our laurels. Our dedicated research and development team are constantly working to improve our medical fabrics for use right across the healthcare industry.

Innovations like Xtreme medical fabrics and Verituss medical mattresses are setting new standards for quality, performance and technical excellence both here in the UK and overseas. These ground-breaking products keep patients safer, they make hospitals and clinics less susceptible to infections and they add dependable quality and value to any supply chain.

From in-house development to worldwide distribution, Redwood is leading the way in medical fabrics and healthcare technologies.

Working with your team

The good news is that we don’t just apply this impressive level of research and development to our own brand products. We offer exactly the same inspired ideas and innovations for all our customers too. We work just as hard to ensure that your medical fabrics and specialist products are cutting edge, delivering the best possible comfort, safety and protection, whether you supply clinics and hospitals or operate them.

By working with Redwood, you get access to all the experience and expertise you need to make your products the very best they can be. Better still, you can start working with our team at any stage of the development process.

Exactly the help you need

Redwood can step in to help whenever you need us, whatever you need us for. We can help you get past a specific problem in your product development, using our unrivalled experience to offer original ideas and solutions that you may not have thought of. Or, alternatively, we can come in on the ground floor, working hand in hand with your team from the very beginning to create medical fabrics and healthcare products you can be proud of, and which staff and patients can trust.

Unlike many companies, Redwood doesn’t need a minimum order to qualify for this kind of help. We are just as happy creating a single prototype as we are helping you to design the production schedule for a worldwide order worth millions of pounds. We love a challenge so why not put our team to the test today?

Working with the industry

When it comes to state of the art medical fabrics, Redwood doesn’t just work for individual customers; we often work for the industry as a whole. We have been asked to help the BHTA on a number of occasions, including finding ways to deal with the problem of over-strength disinfectants being used to clean medical fabrics.

The BHTA, or British Healthcare Trades Association represents over 400 companies in the healthcare sector, including Redwood, and has the only code of practice approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. They have been working to improve standards across the medical sector for over 100 years, since they began tackling the many challenges of the Great War.

As their website explains, ‘Through our interaction and engagement with regulatory and standards-setting bodies, both domestic and international, BHTA is at the forefront of improving standards for the provision of quality healthcare and assistive technology products and services’.

To be asked to help out such a prestigious organisation is a great honour. It reflects the high regard that the industry has for Redwood’s medical fabrics expertise and proves that our experts are well worth listening to.

Don’t take our word for it

We know that when you’re looking for a team to trust for medical fabric expertise and experience, Redwood is the only name you need. But don’t just take our word for it. Trust the judgment of the BHTA, along with the countless household names, leading medical suppliers and hundreds of hospitals and clinics that already work with us.

They know they can count on Redwood, and so can you.