Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When it comes to choosing a PPE supplier, trust the team who were trusted by the government when it mattered most. When the Covid pandemic hit, Redwood were one of a small number of UK companies awarded an emergency contract for the supply of single-use barrier gowns to the NHS and associated medical professionals.

Our team designed and developed a gown that not only met strict safety requirements (achieving full CE certification) but was also adapted to the manufacturing equipment that we had available, allowing rapid production. What’s more, we used our extensive experience in healthcare product manufacture to ensure that we achieved these specifications without compromising wearer comfort and performance.

With COVID likely to remain an ongoing threat, as part of the growing number of infections and diseases in the population, including superbugs like MRSA, PPE is more important today than it has ever been. With Redwood, you can source both standard and bespoke protective clothing designed to meet your safety specifications, your comfort levels and your budget.


With COVID likely to remain an ongoing threat, PPE is more important than ever.