Mattress Storage & Distribution

In the modern healthcare and hospitality sectors, budgets are tighter than ever, leading many organisations to rely on ‘Just In Time’ supply models. Redwood have the capacity and capability to create the supply lines you need to make this work, allowing you to respond rapidly to fluctuating demands, without holding unnecessary stock on site or wasting space on storage facilities.

Our sales and logistics team will work with you strategically to ensure that sufficient stock is held in key stages of the supply chain. You can also arrange for us to hold enough raw materials to rapidly increase production to meet surges in your demand. Together we can make your supply chain more flexible and dependable, more convenient and cost-effective, without any reduction in the capacity, quality or care you deliver to your customers.

Redwood’s central warehouse is perfectly placed to serve you, wherever you are around the world. Based in Skelmersdale, we enjoy excellent national and international transport links by road and rail, air and sea. You can choose from a range of shipping services, including our own fleet of delivery vehicles, to suit your deadlines and your budget, delivering dependably, on time, every time.

Redwood have the capacity and capability to create the JIT supply lines you need.