Flame Retardant Textiles

Redwood have historically specialised in the development and production of various flame retardant (FR) textiles. There are several manufacturing techniques to deliver flame retardance and Redwood have the expertise to advise you which is the most appropriate for your end use.

Many fire accidents are associated with the burning of textiles because of their widespread use. The weight and weave of the fabrics also contribute to its flammability, heavy and tight woven fabrics burn slower than loosely woven fabrics and may reduce the spread of flames. Flammability is important, particularly for textiles, however choosing the right weight and weave is not always sufficient to achieve the right level of retardancy. It is important to remember that the level of retardancy required is dictated by the intended environment the product will be used in, not the product itself. For example, an offshore oil rig poses a higher risk of fire due to the potentially explosive environment and limited escape routes than a domestic home. The fabrics used here must undergo more stringent testing to ensure a higher level of flame retardancy and reduce the risk of flame spread in the overall environmental risk assessment.

Flame retardance in textiles can be achieved in several ways and Redwood can provide the full range of FR options:

Inherent – These materials have flame resistance built into their chemical structure, so it is a fabric that is naturally flame retardant.

Durable – The impregnated FR treatment will withstand washing.

Non-Durable – The fabric cannot be washed as the impregnated FR treatment will be washed off.

Coated – The FR treatment is applied as a back coating.

Each technique has its advantages in particular applications Redwood will happily advise you, depending on the application and specific requirements of end use, which base material construction is most appropriate. For example, if a degree of stretch is required then a knitted fabric will be the most suitable with woven fabrics providing more rigidity.

There are a variety of coatings available to provide fire retardancy but Redwood champion the use of PROBAN® where suitable due to the international reputation of the brand that provides security of performance and independent accreditation.

What is PROBAN®?

PROBAN® is a quality controlled technological process that gives cotton and cotton rich woven and knitted textiles flame retardant properties that are durable to long term use. Articles manufactured from PROBAN® fabrics provide reliable flame retardant performance and peace of mind to industrial, institutional and end-consumers through-out the world while conforming with industry fire regulations.