High Slip & Anti Slip Textiles

High slip fabrics are materials that have low friction and can be used to help move heavy objects. In the medical field, high slip fabrics are often used to move patients, making it easier to transfer them onto different surfaces, beds and operating tables etc.

Low slip or anti-slip textiles are designed to increase the friction or grip of a surface. There can be all sorts of uses, ensuring objects don’t move from where they are positioned. In the medical field, anti-slip fabrics can be used to restrict the movement of patients and to stop people sliding out of seats etc.  

Friction and shear are mechanical forces contributing to pressure ulcer formation commonly known as bed sores. The tissue injury resulting from these forces may look superficial but are major contributors to bedsores. Shear and friction are 2 separate phenomena, yet they often work together.

Textiles can be finished or coated with different types of polymers to change how they react with other materials. By using our knowledge of different coatings, Redwood can enhance the slip characteristics of a fabric by applying a coating of silicone, for example, this can reduce friction which is ideal for slide sheets or reducing sheer in medical mattress applications.

Alternatively, anti-slip textiles may be what you need. A coating of specially modified polyurethane or PVC blend can increase the grip characteristic of fabric. Many areas require the restriction of movement from wheelchair cushion bases, caravan cupboard linings though to gloves, even the cup holders in your car!

Whatever your application for high slip or anti-slip fabrics Redwood has the material to suit your needs.